Town Issues Notice of Unsafe Condition for House at 5 Teramar Way

Town Building Inspector Steven Fraietta has issued a Notice of Unsafe Condition and Demand to Remove for the dilapidated abandoned building that has been a blight on the neighborhood at 5 Teramar Way.  The notice, issued in accord with Chapter 340 of the Town Code, notifies all persons concerned of the Town’s intent to demolish the structure. The Inspector’s office has contacted Altisource, which holds the mortgage on the property, requesting an update on their intent to either remediate or remove the building. Altisource responded that they’re in the process of getting bids for remediation and demolition costs, and they’ve assigned a counsel to act as intermediary with the Town. The Building Inspector’s office will give Altisource two more weeks to make an application for demolition, and if none is forthcoming, Mr. Fraietta will get together with Town Attorney Tim Lewis to seek the Town Board’s permission to remove the structure.