Repaving of Greenvale Circle and Southwood Has Begun


The long awaited repaving of Greenvale Circle and Southwood Road has finally begun!  “No Parking” signs went up on Monday, as work crews marked roadway features and began removing the old blacktop on Greenvale Circle.  Deputy Commissioner Rich Fon of the Department of Public Works had previously met with Civic Association Block Captain Napoleon Mitchell, Civic Association Board Member Seth Segall, and residents of Greenvale Circle on September 2nd to discuss the slow progress in completing the project since the replacement of the water main.  At that meeting, Fon promised roadwork would commence by mid-October at the latest.  Fon said that the Town would add curbing and repave now, with a final layer of paving added in the Spring to complete the process. He reassured community residents that the curbing and repaving would neither diminish the roadway width nor the amount of street parking presently available on the cut-outs.