Become A Member

The Juniper Hill Civic Association needs you!

The cost of membership is only $10 per family. Membership helps cover the incidental costs of running the organization –mailings, flyers, printer ink, this website, refreshments at meetings, and food at our neighborhood BBQ. Membership entitles you to get the newsletter, attend the BBQ for free, vote at meetings, and work together with your neighbors to maintain and improve the neighborhood.

The association has recently worked on a number of issues of importance: repaving and repairing the water main  on Juniper Hill Road, Southwood Road, and Greenvale Circle; closing the illegal parking lot on Russell Street; improving the flow of traffic at the Juniper Hill/Russell Street intersection; improving the pedestrian path alongside Juniper Hill Road; repairing the utility pole damaged by Hurricane Sandy on Juniper Hill Road; working with the Fire Chiefs to control rising costs; getting property owners to clean up refuse-strewn property; having the town investigate derelict properties; having the Town mow the grass alongside the Metropolitan Golf Course more frequently; having the police patrol the neighborhood more often after a spate of robberies.

It’s easy to become a member!  To join, just send your $10 membership dues along with your name, phone number, address, and e-mail to:

Juniper Hill Civic Association
c/o Teresa Toscano, Treasurer
 102 Russell Street
White Plains, NY 10607