Welcome to Juniper Hill!


Welcome to the new Juniper Hill Civic Association website! The Juniper Hill Civic Association, founded in 1956, exists to serve the needs of the residents of the Juniper Hill neighborhood of the Town of Greenburgh, New York.  All neighborhood residents are invited to join!

The association provides Juniper Hill residents with a means to express and promote their interests and concerns for the betterment of the community, including maintaining and enhancing property values, public safety, the appearance of the neighborhood, and the general well-being of its residents. The Association also serves to promote neighborhood cooperation and socialization, enhance civic awareness, and provide a vehicle for interaction with town government, schools, and other community organizations. 

Our Neighborhood includes the following streets: Fair Street (from Prospect Avenue to Juniper Hill Road), Teramar Way, Juniper Hill Road, Greenvale Circle, Southwood Place, Midway Road, Alan Place, Saratoga Road, Russell Street (from Juniper Hill Road to Fulton Street), Walnut Street, West Prospect Avenue, Mason Street, and Teillaud Place.